Saturday, May 12, 2012

ECIA Election Results...We Need To Report Anyone With Poultry/Livestock. Send Pics/Address To Me And Mark Young, Compliance Officer

In case you didn't know, Jan Deligans and Frank Schober won the two Board seats. Greg Bundrick came in third, I came in fourth. Eldoradoans did not know it, but they voted for the most pro chicken/livestock person on the ballot. Jan Deligans said she thinks she has a mandate from all members in Eldorado to allow poultry/livestock in Eldorado, as she says she was the only open pro livestock person who ran and she won. This is NOT TRUE, of course. She never mentioned poultry/livestock at any time, except on her personal blog, so no one knew.

At the Annual Meeting, which was again video taped by Jan Deligan's partner, Tom Engel (Chicken Tom they call him), I thought I would take advantage of the video taping of the meeting and get our President on the record in answering several questions.... 1) Is it definitive that our ECIA Board is going to take this poultry/livestock question to a full mail in ballot Covenant vote to each lot owner to decide and he said NO! I have also spoken with my sources and they have confirmed that our Board is still on track, AS IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN FROM THE START, to take this issue to a Board 'guideline' vote to circumvent our Covenants and force this issue on lot owners in Eldorado. This 'guideline' vote will only require a majority vote from our Board.  2) I reiterated that this livestock issue was initiated by a non lot owner. I asked why he pushed this issue on our community, without first writing about it in our Vistas and asking our community if we were even interested, when the suggestion didn't even come from a community member? Mr. Moreno said that he serves all residents in Eldorado. I corrected Mr. Moreno as he was VOTED INTO OFFICE TO SERVE MEMBERS, NOT RENTERS, WHO HAVE NO STAKE IN OUR COMMUNITY.... 3) I also asked Mr. Moreno about the Eldorado Master Plan Committee. All committees are supposed to be open to members to attend. I have tried to become a member of this committee and my inquiry was not answered. I suggested that this committee meeting post it's date and time on our Events Calendar, along with all other committee meetings so members can know about it and attend. (I have since spoken with the chair of this committee, Brett Frauenglass, and he has stated that I may attend. I also attended the Spec Comm meeting this past Thursday night, 5/10, and brought up the point that the Planning meeting needs to be open to members. Some Spec Comm members objected but, others did not. The days and times for the Eldorado Master Plan Committee meetings are posted in the Spec Comm minutes on our website and I will also post them here at the top of my blog with the next Board Meeting scheduled. The next Eldorado Master Planning meeting is May 24 at 7pm in the conference room. 

Our Board wants to do a poultry/livestock survey. I am against this survey. I feel it is a smokescreen and will only be used to promote livestock in Eldorado. The ONLY survey that can be fair is a full mail in ballot Covenant Vote to each lot owner. This so called survey is what the pro-livestock people have been calling a 'Community Vote' to confuse those that want a Covenant Vote on the livestock issue. At the last Board meeting, I asked Ed how the survey would be executed and he did not have a definitive answer, as he never does. I believe they are leaning towards an online survey, which I do not trust as anyone can answer and the survey should only be answered by lot owners and NOONE ELSE. I personally believe this survey is bogus and is being done only to confuse members and for the benefit of our Board advancing the livestock issue their way. Others have said that it is the tipping point for our Board to decide whether they will drop the issue altogether, or proceed to a Covenant Vote. I will report more information on this as soon as it is available. If the survey is done any way other than printed in our Vistas Newsletter, I would oppose it strongly.

Remember, the majority of people pushing this poultry/livestock issue are RENTERS. They are NOT LOT OWNERS of property in Eldorado. Why is our Board entertaining renter's wishes for what THEY want? Our Board is supposed to be serving lot owners/members and what we want as a community. WE ARE THE ECIA ASSOCIATION and OUR BOARD IS SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR US.

As a community, we MUST preserve and enforce our Covenants, which protect your property values and investments we've made in our homes, as well as our quality of life. Some who live here have brought poultry and livestock into Eldorado against our Covenants. It is not easy to see the poultry/livestock because it is usually behind a fence, so it is difficult for Mark Young, our Compliance Rep. to know if someone is in violation of our Covenants unless someone tells him and can possibly show him a picture of it. It is becoming a more serious problem and some of those who are in violation of our Covenants by having poultry/livestock are pushing our Board to allow poultry/livestock in Eldorado. Many of those who have livestock are not lot owners, they only rent in Eldorado. The only people who can change our Covenants to allow poultry/livestock are LOT OWNERS. We are the members who make up Eldorado. It is the members who own our community. We must take charge of our community and report those who are risking OUR quality of life and OUR property investments and values by violating our NO POULTRY OR LIVESTOCK rules in our Covenants. They are not bad people or bad neighbors, but they're having poultry/livestock is putting your and all of our properties and quality of life at risk. We just want them to comply with our rules. Please take action and forward any information you can to Mark Young and to me so I can follow up with Mark. All information will be strictly confidential.

Realtors have told me time and time again, that our property values will fall drastically if we don't stand up to those who are bringing livestock into Eldorado against our Covenants, and if our Board passes  their 'guidelines' that will circumvent our Covenants to allow poultry/livestock in Eldorado. 

Together we can take our community back and let folks know that poultry/livestock is not allowed in Eldorado. It is not about being mean, it is simply about protecting our community and our quality of life and enforcing our Covenants. Please help by emailing any information you can. I will be writing more on this. Thank you for your help! I would love to receive your comments and feedback!

Please email pictures of poultry/livestock and address of property to:
Mark Young,
Claudia Daigle,


  1. At this uniquely sensitive point in the life of this issue, when we need more compassion and understanding, a tiny number of people are demanding prosecution of those few people who may have hens, that no one every knew about. This is a disgraceful and insulting approach to living in a community that prides itself on civility and liberal values. Claudia you should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. It is you, Mr. Moreno, and a group of mostly renters in Eldorado, not lot owners, who have been insensitive by pushing this livestock issue on our community when it is not wanted. Those who have brought poultry and livestock into our community, have not shown compassion and understanding for our members, who have invested in property here. They have done as they pleased. Members made a conscious decision to invest in a home here, in Eldorado, a residential subdivision with Covenants. It was a choice We made.. to live here in peace with nature and abide by our Covenants. Those who have not honored our Covenants and have allowed residents to bring livestock into our community against our Covenants have shown disrespect for our members and our community. Where is your compassion and understanding for the rights of the members you are supposed to be serving? Members must protect our investment in our homes and our community from those who have nothing at stake and want to change our community without allowing members to have a Covenant vote. Subdivisions have restrictive Covenants and people choose to purchase their homes there because they know those Covenants will protect their quality of life and their property investment for their future and the future of their families.

    Members should do what we can to let our Compliance Rep. know of anyone who has poultry/livestock, so they can bring the resident into compliance with our Covenants. Anyone with livestock needs to know that it is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

    It has been a disgraceful and insulting approach by our Board, to our members and our community, that our Board, who our members entrusted with their vote, has taken the liberty to force this issue on us in such a way that has caused our community much stress, and without any respect for our say in the matter by taking this issue to a Covenant vote, as stated in our Covenants. We will NOT give in to this Board, we will NOT give in to the demands of a few, and we will NOT give in to NOT taking a Covenant Vote on this issue. This is OUR community.

    Disgraceful and insulting are the words you use, Ed, to describe our community which prides itself, in your words, on civility and liberal values. I think the words disgraceful and insulting are better used to describe you and our Board, who have taken advantage of the trust of the members of this community you were entrusted to represent. Disgraceful and insulting is a Board trying to pass Board 'guidelines' to circumvent our Covenants and circumvent our member's right to a Covenant Vote on this important issue, as stated in our Covenants. Disgraceful and insulting is a Board that condones personally going after members at their workplace or taking them to court and then lying about it simply because the members do not agree with the Board's position on this issue.

    Ed, you say I should be ashamed of myself. Shame on you for saying that to me because you know I don't deserve it. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but, I have a pretty good compass for what is right and what is not and I don't like bullies. You know better.